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Assembly & Kitting

Enhanced component assembly and kitting services

Our comprehensive manufacturing solutions are enhanced by assembly and kitting services. Drawing on our many years of experience as a contract manufacturer, we can streamline your supply chain with ease. Our expertise in machining parts and components for industries like aerospace, defence and medical devices allows us to deliver complete assemblies prepared for the next step in production - making it simple to make progress along your journey towards success!

With Cicorel you can

Streamline your supply chain with a single source, expert contract manufacturer.
Receive tailored assemblies ready-made for your production process.
Save time and money without sacrificing quality.

Kitting services

Working closely with our assembly operations, our kitting department provides customers with a comprehensive kit make-up service. Typically we produce a complete kit of components that are required for assembly or installation work, but can create kits with any combination of components and for any use.

Assembly production

Cicorel's component assembly production service streamlines the manufacturing process by allowing our customers' components to be pre-assembled before being put into use. This makes it easier for partner manufacturers and OEMs to quickly produce a variety of assemblies with precise components that are ready for installation. The efficiency of this service reduces lead times and minimises waste, creating cost savings for companies with less environmental impact. 

Are you getting value from your current contract manufacturer?

Every day we deliver quality services, and components made to the highest standards.

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