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Experts in precision engineering for components and assemblies

Meeting your precise requirements while maximising value.

Value engineering in complex component manufacturing

Cicorel is an expert UK manufacturer of high precision, CNC machined solutions. We focus on delivering value through engineering expertise – ensuring you get the best component parts and assemblies for the best cost, every time.

With over 50 years experience in CNC machining, milling, quality testing and inspection, we are experts in the sub-assembly parts manufacturing industry and are trusted by some of the world's largest OEMs.

Working in collaborative partnership with Cicorel's full service, in-house capabilities enables our customers to streamline their supply chains, reducing both costs and risks.

Our quality components are used in a range of applications, from medical to aerospace

From our custom-built manufacturing facility in Dorset near the Somerset border, Cicorel specialises in the production of very small complex components, medium size machining and fully assembled products for a variety of industries and sectors in the UK. Accuracy levels can be as extreme as our customers specify, all the way down to microns at constant temperature.

Why Cicorel is your perfect manufacturing partner

We deliver precision, every time.

CNC Machining Expertise

Our commitment to excellent parts manufacturing and reliable services makes us the best choice for CNC machining needs.

Trusted Sub-Contractor

We are a trusted contract manufacturing partner providing complex machined parts and assemblies to leading global OEMs.

Quality Components

We work with specialist metals to produce high quality, robust and durable parts for technologies across the globe.

Reliable & Collaborative

We work closely with our partners to ensure we deliver parts to their exact requirements.

"We trust Cicorel to meet the deadlines and deliver the consistent quality we need. They are a critical part of our manufacturing operation."

Our industries

Are you getting value from your machining partner?

Every day we deliver quality machining, made to the highest standards.

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