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Elliot Scientific

We were initially asked by Elliot Scientific, one of the world's leading suppliers of scientific instruments, to manufacture some small individual components for a high precision adjuster for use in manipulation equipment.

Products & Capabilities

Cicorel produces high precision machined products for a number of industries including Gas & Oil, Scientific Instruments, Aerospace and Fibre Optics.

Components and assemblies are engineered by experienced staff using a state of the art EdgeCAM system which can take design models or a variety of electronic files and create programmes for our high precision CNC equipment.

Cicorel has developed techniques to work in a wide range of materials including Super Alloys as used in both the Aerospace and Oil and Gas Industries.

Size of turned components produced by the company start as small as Ø0.50mm and can be as large as Ø300mm x 650mm with hole drilling as small as Ø0.20mm. We also have the capability of machining milled parts up to 500mm cube. 10 axis turning and 5 axis milling gives the company extensive machining capability.

Full assembly of Scientific Instruments requiring adjustment down to parts of a micron is carried out, also Aerospace and Oil and Gas sub assemblies.

Inspection and test supported by CMM reports and full material and process traceability is the norm.

All functions from compiling quotations, creating works orders, purchase orders and final C of C's are controlled and tracked by the companies job management system Tricorn, as is workshop scheduling to ensure timely delivery to cost.

Continuous Improvement and the drive to go beyond compliance is a company culture.

Turned Parts
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